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Are you running a business and are looking efficient methods to promote your product or service? In a rapidly changing media world, where there are so many ways to do this, that it’s often not easy to decide where to invest your marketing budget. But since you are here, you probably already suspect that one of the most efficient types of content that you can use, is a promotional video, or even a video channel.

Video production for business is a relatively new field and it is rapidly evolving and taking over other types of content due to it’s simplicity, popularity and accessibility. Imagine you going on a webpage and instead of tedious piles of written text (that can pretty hard to understand, due to font size, site colors and other unexpected factors!) you get a short, concise explanation accompanied by a series of images that provide perfect understanding of everything. Now imagine your potential client opening your page and seeing your product presented to them in such an efficient and pleasant way, and all to the sound of vibrant, energizing music!

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Our Services

Broadcast Services

Leon Khasminsky has long been an active presence on the Toronto television scene. Ever since arriving in Canada in the 1980s, he has been a TV pioneer, producing, directing, shooting, editing or teaching. Leon initiated almost every multicultural show in Toronto for the Russian, Spanish, Polish and Ukrainian communities. He taught their producers the technical aspects of production and created their first commercials.

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Corporate Video Production

YouTubePromo is the company you need to create a corporate video or web page promotional video. YouTubePromo is the company you need to shoot a training reel for new recruits or employes to introduce or strengthen your corporate mandate and values. YouTubePromo is the company you need if you’re holding a live corporate event that must be professionally documented.

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Video Creation for Web

What’s New and Why Video?

For web content that is fast, clear and informative, you cannot go wrong with video. Use it on your web page or YouTube channel, share it on social media and embed it in blog posts. Video creation for the web presents a world of possibilities, combining visual content with spoken textual information, and the result is a neat package that both engages and educates the viewer.

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Video Production

What’s your business? Who knows about it? Who wants it? How do you contact them? What method of advertising will give you the biggest bang for your buck?  In a rapidly changing media world, with a multitude of advertising options, you already know the answer. The most efficient tool in use today is promotional video or a video channel.

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YouTube Marketing

Good news! The Internet is here and the TV is on the way out. What does that mean?

Well, first of all, filming and producing the commercial does not cost nearly as much as it used to, and you can reach thousands of your potential customers via YouTube channel, saving yourself the cost of putting it on TV channels where not interested people will go to heat up the pizza while your commercial is running.

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My latest blog posts

Use Your Imagination

Video has been around for a long time. Producing styles have evolved over the years, distribution channels have emerged, interactivity has blossomed and technology has changed the face of video forever.Even the influence of the video and voice message as it reaches the consumer in new and different ways has changed drastically. ...

Copter or Underwater, We’ve Got You Covered

Inserts from our helicopter driven camera, underwater action camera, voice over and professionally made video opener, titles and subtitles can enhance overall presentation of your video. Please note that aerial video footage can not be taken in windy weather conditions....


  • Leon,  I would like to thank you and your team for the outstanding video you provided to our company. From the beginning of the project to the end you have delivered the quality that we were looking for when we first considered making a corporate video...
    John, Owner,
    Bianco BI Tiles LTD. Improve Canada Centre Un. 180
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  • I appreciate the ease of working with Leon of Improve Media and his crew, the professional results that they were able to achieve. The whole project was done timely and within budget. No easy task as large as it was....
    Paul Chatterpaul, Owner,
    Design to fit interiors, Improve Canada Centre Un. 300 and 301
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  • It has been a great pleasure working with Improve Media. 
Leon made the process so easy for us and produced a wonderful, high quality video for Doctor Wood Inc. truly capturing the essence of the organization.
I would not hesitate to recommend Improve Media to any business and hope to be able to work with them again in the future.
Thank you Continue Reading...
    Dejan, Owner,
    Doctor WOOD inc., Improve Canada Centre Un. 362
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